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Grand & Jackson County Energy Strategy


On June 10, 2010, twelve team members from Jackson and Grand County began the process of developing an Energy Strategy for the region. The questions on the cover of this Strategy are those that they asked about energy use in our region at the first meeting.

While the planning process has been a local effort, the impetus and funding came from the federal level. In 2007 President Bush signed the Energy Independence and Security Act which established the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant Program (EECBG). The program supports the “deployment of the cheapest, cleanest, and most reliable energy technologies we have—energy efficiency and conservation—across the country”

In 2009, the EECBG program was funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. Grand County Business and Economic Development Association applied for and was awarded grant funding for non-entitled2 EECBG communities through the Governor’s Energy Office to support the development of a regional Energy Strategy for Grand and Jackson Counties. Continue reading

Beauty In Awareness: /Art/Music/ Poetry/Fun!

Beauty In Awareness: /Art/Music/Poetry/Fun!

Local Grand County artists are joining together this year to generate change in our communities, and our world. Join us in supporting the Beauty In Awareness Artists Advocate Party.  This is a kick off celebration party for anyone interested in participating in The Beauty in Awareness Art Show, slated for Spring of 2013. Several Cooper Creek business are sponsoring a mixture of fun activities to support the event, such as The Nest, Mountain Grind, and Smokin’ Moes.  starts as a daylong event taking place at Cooper Creek Square in Winter Park. Get your art on with in a collaborative piece, listen to live poetry, amazing music, and add your own artistic expression. Coordinators are looking for artists to participate in this spring’s Beauty in Awareness Art Show, designed to celebrate art for sustainable change.

Who:  Calling all artists, community members, kids, and caring people!
What: The Beauty in Awareness Artist Advocate Party
Where: Cooper Creek Square (The Nest, Mountain Grind, Smokin’ Moes)
When: February 9, 2013

There will be a small entry fee to attend the evening events, including a Happy Hour, art show at Nest.artistic home, and music at Smokin’ Moes. A portion of the proceeds will go to Infinite West to help support the upcoming Beauty in Awareness Art Show.


Events Include:

Art at Nest. artistic home – Information Hub
10 o’clock – ON – Collaborative Art Project: Throw Some Paint! – Nest
3-4 o’clock – Lindsey England: Images & Readings from her book The Hermit in the Woods – Nest
7-9 o’clock – Mixer & Poetry Slam – Mountain Grind Coffee Shop
9 o’clock – ON – THE CONGRESS – Rockin’ music with heart at Smokin’ Moes, Winter Park
4-7 o’clock – CASH MOB

Get a FREE TICKET to Saturday Night’s Show!
How? Participate in Saturday’s Cash Mob… Spend $20 at Nest and get free admittance to The Congress at Smokin’ Moes at 9:00 Saturday Night.

This event is organized by Lavender Elephant (find us on facebook!) & Nest. artistic home in Winter Park, Colorado. Sponsors include:

Cooper Creek Square
Nest . artistic home
Smokin’ Moes
Sushi Bar
Mountain Grind Coffee Shop

For more information contact:
Abbey Arabie- 985.630.5256 /
Carolyn Bailey- 970.531.8625

2012 Local Green Gift Guide Product Registration

Businesses can feature a Green Product in our 2012 Local Green Gift Guide for holiday shopping. The purpose of this guide is to provide locally available sustainable options for shoppers during the holidays. The guide is free to featured businesses, as long as you meet our cirteria for a sustainable, ‘green’ product (criteria are listed in the following form). The guide is free to the public to download or print. This is a service provided by Infinite West. Have a look at our 2010 Green Gift Guide here.

Fill out the form below to submit your featured product for the 2012 Infinite West Green Gift Guide. Guides will be released by December 7, 2012. Products without photographs will not be considered. Tell us how your product is considered sustainable and ‘green’, using the following criteria list and comment forms. Be sure to leave as much contact information as possible.

Please submit a clear 330 dpi photograph of your product to the email below. Contact with any questions.


Increasing personal awareness of water use along Colorado’s Front Range. View this informative 6-minute video from Trout Unlimited then, share the link and share the knowledge. If we care enough, perhaps we can save the endangered rivers in Grand County.

Historical Water Announcement…..What does it really mean?
When Governor Hickenlooper made the recent announcement about a historical water agreement with nearly all concerned parties, he failed to address some specific facts and figures–namely that the agreement still allows the Moffat Firming Project and enlargement of Gross Reservoir to go forward, and that Denver Water will not propose nor implement conservation measures in its service areas. With Colorado’s Front Range in the midst of a severe drought, a logical person might believe that conservation measures would be higher on the priority list for a water provider. But, several state regions currently have a large melting snowpack, hence the flooding reports. So, at what point does water conservation measures become a higher priority for Denver Water?

A concerned citizen from Nederland with graduate training in water resources, a PhD in geology, and one who has published lots of scientific papers about water resources, writes the following regarding Denver Water Board’s lack of implementation of conservation measures while still pursuing the enlargement of the Gross Reservoir.
—–Originally published in the Boulder Daily Camera, Letters to the Editor, April 30, 2011—–
The new Colorado River Cooperative Agreement between western water interests and Denver Water is laudable and a great step forward, but lost in the hoopla is the simple fact that Denver Water still plans to build an unnecessary $576,000,000 expansion of Gross Reservoir in Boulder County. A simple back-of-the-envelope calculation shows that installing low-flow shower heads for every resident of the Denver metro area would be cheaper, would save more water, and would have the added benefit of being environmentally sound.
The projected shortfall in Denver by 2030 is only 18,000 acre-feet of water, but let’s be generous to Denver Water and assume the shortfall is double that value at 36,000 acre-feet or about 12 billion gallons. Using 2.5 versus 6 gallons per minute, low-flow shower heads save about 35 gallons in a ten minute shower. At one shower per person per day with 2.5 million residents in the Denver metro area, that saves about 32 billion gallons per year. Of course, many folks in Denver have already installed low-flow fixtures, but these figures show that only about a third of the residents would need to install low-flow shower heads to make up the projected shortfall. And remember, we were being generous to Denver Water, so the real value is closer to one-sixth of the residents.
The cost? Forget that only a fraction of the households need new shower heads. Instead, let’s buy all 2.5 million people very nice $100 shower heads and allow an additional $100 for installation. Total cost: $500,000,000. This rather magnanimous payment is still cheaper than the proposed Gross Reservoir expansion.
—David Bahr


A 5 time award winning production that introduces us to the term hydro-fracking is well worth the time to view and then do a bit more of research on called Gasland . The production is truly controversial but what isn’t these days? Oil and Gas companies would have us believe that they are giving us what we want. Perhaps they are but, what do you do when your well contains the only water you have to bathe your family in or the only drinking water supply available, and the water is that well is toxic or flammable?
In reviewing some of the web published comments, both sides are presented. But, is the film hype or truth? The viewer is left to decide. The production is still worth viewing and discussion.
Gasland was conceived of, directed, primarily filmed and narrated by Josh Fox. This is his second documentary, his first was entitled Memorial Day. The executive producers of Gasland are Debra Winger and Hunter Gray; producers are Trish Adlesic, Fox and Molly Gandour; co-produced by David Roma; cinematographers are Fox and Matthew Sanchez; editor is Matthew Sanchez; supervising sound editor is Brian Scibinico; animators are Juan Cardarelli and Alex Tyson; consultants are Morgan Jenness and Henry Chalfant and researchers are Molly Gandour, Barbara Arindell, Fox and Joe Levine. The film is dedicated to the non-profit organization Damascus Citizens for Sustainability.

Green Grand County: Groups examine alternative energy, sustainable community

While one newly assembled organization looks to promote green energy possibilities in the area, another sustainability group is gaining a foothold.

A fledgling organization called “Infinite West” aims to examine environmental, social and economic opportunities in Grand County, according to founding member Tim Hodsdon of Fraser.

“Infinite West is more of a group concerned with the ideas of a sustainable community,” Hodsdon said in his presentation on Friday during an Energy Opportunities forum about solar heating systems in Granby…

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